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this really isnt needed but why not..

[2]Age:duece uno
[5]Marital Stats:darlene is my choochie
[6]Favorite Bands:HANOI ROCKS AND DAVID BOWIE. um thats about all. oh wait...fall out boy. i can't forget them ever.
[7]Hobbies: drinking, cigarettes, coffee, literature, music, diet pepsi...these arent hobbies really but they take up my life
[8]Are you in a band, if so whats it called: ha
[9]Whats your view on drugs and alcohol: need em to get by
[10]In your opinion, whats the greatest rock n roll band of all time: HANOI MOTHERFUCKIN ROCKS. bowie...stones...only shit that matters really.
[11]What are the three main ingrediants to rock n roll in your opinion: michael monroe, david bowie, and michael monroe. i mean andy mccoy. mostly michael monroe though...
[12]Posts at least 3 pics-shit ill do that later im bored with this too much effort...but my icon is me and i have another icon of me so just look at that shit.
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